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Appeals Procedure

An Appeal in the context of CEDA is where a client is in disagreement with a decision taken on their loan application or reasons advanced by the Agency against financing on a business loan application. The principle herewith is for the application to be reconsidered as previously submitted.

The business promoter has the opportunity to seek recourse through the following process:

  1. The Client submits an appeal letter to the Office of the Chief Executive Officer clearly detailing the reasons of appeal.
  2. Through instruction of the office of The Chief Executive Officer, all appeals are directed for processing by the Appeals Department which operates from the CEDA Head Office in Gaborone.
  3. The Appeals Department attends to the matter and acknowledges receipt of the appeal.
  4. The Appeals Department requests for a meeting/interview with the applicant to discuss the appeal.
  5. Further to the meeting the client will receive a follow up letter, detailing the matters discussed during the interview and where necessary additional information may be requested or clarity on issues raised.
  6. The process entails acknowledgement, interview, appraisal and adjudication by the Board of Directors.
  7. The Boards decision is final.