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CEDA Accreditation

Qualities of our accredited mentors

Our mentors possess the following skills that can assist different businesses through different stages:

  • Good listening and communication skill

  • Objective and Patient

  • Leadership and nurturing spirit

  • Humility and sense of responsibility

Factors which affect success or failure of mentors

  • Geographic proximity

  • Frequency and type of information shared with the Entrepreneur

  • Initiation of relationship by CEDA & the promoter

  • Structure of interaction

  • Ability to establish mentor-mentee friendship

Some useful tools for mentoring

The following tools are some of those which have proven to be very effective in our mentoring interventions:

  • Personal judgment; observation what do you see, what is the condition of assets etc.

  • Process audit; how business is carried out at the project, work delegation arrangement.

  • Internal control system evaluation; are there proper financial records: receipt books, ledgers.

Full audit; more than a test of the financial controls.