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The Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) participated and sponsored the Serowe District Show for its third consecutive year. The 2017 Serowe District show was held under the theme “Agriculture, the driving force behind food security”.

Officiating at the Official Opening of the Show, President Ian Khama reassured guests and the public that Government will continue to support farmers in all sectors of agriculture. He emphasised “The Governments’ commitment towards farming can be seen through how institutions such as Botswana Vaccine Institute have increased their investment in research and development”.

President Khama also expressed his satisfaction in the fact that the Show Committee aptly themed the 2017 District Show, “Agriculture, the driving force behind food security” as it is aligned and resonates with the recent restructuring of ministries, “The Mandate of the Ministry of Agriculture was made crystal clear through underscoring that it is the Ministry solely responsible for Agricultural Development and Food Security”. The President also expressed the importance of continuing to identify and improve breeds to ensure local suitability to local conditions.

In his address, President Khama continued to impress on the fact that Agriculture had been identified as one of the sectors that could contribute towards having stronger economic diversification in the country assisting it in diverting it from it being an economy solely dependent on minerals. President Khama highlighted the efforts undertaken by government in Agriculture through various programmes such as Young Farmers Fund (YFF), LIMID and ISPAAD.

President Khama said that such initiatives and programmes have been devised to assist farmers efforts in achieving their objectives especially those of ensuring food security. In concluding his address the President applauded the Serowe District Show Committee for continuing to give farmers and exhibitors alike the opportunity to share and display their stock and services. He said “I am of the conviction that a platform such as this one is not only critical for farmers but it also accords consumers the opportunity to meet with all stakeholders, in the process affording them the opportunity to see first-hand the quality of their products.”

President Khama also commended the Serowe Show Committee for diversifying the pool of exhibitors by inviting those in transport, logistics, insurance and many other small and medium enterprises. He added that the show gave farmers a chance to benchmark and dialogue with key stakeholders that can help them improve their breeds.

The Assistant Minister of Agriculture Development and Food Security, Honourable Kgotla Autlwetse reinforced the Presidents address by highlighting that Agriculture was the first occupation for humankind and will always be the foundation for many other sectors. Honourable Autlwetse also commended the private sector for seeing it fit to sponsor such a show and giving it the recognition it deserves.

In his address at the Official Opening of the Show, the Serowe Show Committee Chairman, Mr. Keletso Rakhudu pleaded with the business community to continue to show support for the District show. He said, “The Committee continues to struggle in developing the show and its facilities as the funds are very limited, we do however wish to thank institutions such as CEDA, Botswana Couriers and the Ministry of Agriculture Development and Food Security Parastatals for their continued support and can only hope that they and others will stand firmly by our side”.

Speaking on behalf of CEDA as the main sponsor was the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Thabo Thamane. In his address, Mr. Thamane thanked the Serowe District Show Committee for ensuring that the Agency was well represented over the past 3 years. “CEDA remains proud to be associated with the Serowe District Show, the Agency has made a huge investment in sponsoring the show for the past 3 years. Following this years’ show, CEDA will re-evaluate and see how best to continue to support and grow it” said Thamane.

Mr. Thamane continued to advocate for how the Government is committed to support agricultural development and food security in an effort to curb poverty and extreme hunger.  He highlighted the contribution that CEDA has made in financing businesses in the sector in spite of the challenges farmers face. ’The drought has had an adverse effect on both animal and crop production. CEDA has made a huge investment amounting to over P110 million and this focused primarily on improving the farming technology” said Thamane.

With the recent rains CEDA has also committed to investing over P150 million to the sector in the current 2016/17 Financial Year.

The Official Opening of the District Show concluded with the President visiting stall with key dignitaries.


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