CEDA provides subsidized loans for various micro-entrepreneurs to enable citizen participation in enterprise development. Mabogo-Dinku loan offers micro-enterprises an opportunity and enables citizen participation in enterprise development. Mabogo-Dinku loan provides micro-enterprises with funds for their needs e.g working capital and small asset finance.

Mabogo-Dinku offers short term loans from P500.00 to a maximum of P150,000.00 per person, payable in 3-12 months to citizens who are micro-entrepreneurs to assist in the growth of their business.

The funds can be used towards:


a) Business running expenses like stock, rentals etc.

b) Acquisition of micro-business assets like equipment, tools etc.



Product Sectors: 

Criteria for funding:

a) Citizens must be aged 18 years and above.

b) Individuals operating legal income generating activities.

c) Must be in a group of 5-15 members.

d) Owner managed businesses

e) Willing to co-guarantee one another in a group

f) Willing to meet as a group weekly/fortnightly/monthly

g) Business proposals that are financially viable in the long term4

h) Training & Mentoring is a pre-requisite for funding.