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At CEDA we understand that you may not be satisfied with the outcome of your loan application, we therefore pledge to provide a re-appraisal of your project provided you have complied with the requirements for submitting an appeal.

For one to appeal the decision of a loan application, the applicant should have had their loan application received by the Agency, appraised and provided with written formal communication on the outcome of the loan application with reasons clearly stating why the loan was declined.

Please follow the steps below to submit your appeal on the decision taken on your loan application:


Write a letter of appeal addressed to the CEDA Board Chairman, articulating the reasons why you believe your project was viable and why the Agency should reassess the application. The reasons should be reflective of what was in the original loan application as well as address the reasons for decline as outlined by the Agency in the response letter to yourself.


You will be required to pay upfront the appeals service fee (where applicable). Please refer to the schedule of service fees on or call the CEDA toll freeline on 0800600253 for assistance. No appeal will be accepted if the fees (where applicable) has not been paid.

STEP 3: 

Submit your letter of appeal with proof of payment at CEDA Head Office or any CEDA Branch (for on-forwarding to the Board Chairman) or email to

STEP 4: 

All appeals should be submitted within thirty (30) calendar days of date of the CEDA decision letter.


NOTE: Please familiarise yourself with the appeals processes and requirements.