Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) is guided by the following principles;

  • Promote ease of entry into business by citizens of Botswana by tilting the playing field in their favour.

  • Promote viable genuine citizen businesses both within and outside the country that will benefit the economy of Botswana in a meaningful way.

  • Act commercially in all cases which will include understanding the needs
of business at various phases of its development which might include restructuring and refinancing the business and as a last resort foreclosure;

  • As a rule, CEDA will only assist business ventures that are owner operated and where the entrepreneur takes an active role in the management and operation of the enterprise rather than in a non-participating role as an investor.

  • The need to position local enterprises to deal with challenges posed by globalisation as well as take advantage of its opportunities. They would have access to new markets and source raw materials from anywhere in the World. Therefore, local firms should be prepared to face competition from all over the World and to compete in global markets;

  • The need to specifically focus on the development of viable, sustainable citizen owned business enterprises, through the provision of finance and of risk sharing.

  • The growth of the service sector provides challenging opportunities for entrepreneurs with the need to produce quality service at competitive prices to ensure sustained growth and employment creation in the country.

  • The need for technological support through acquisition and partnerships to gain competitive advantage by creating value, extending reach into foreign markets in particular and competing with large organizations on a level playing field.

  • The need for cost effectiveness by local businesses in order to manage new and complex external relationships to gain flexibility over foreign firms.

  • The need for niche marketing, which gives the opportunity to local businesses to successfully compete against foreign firms by identifying niche markets in the international market place.

  • The need for business to adapt to change and to meet market needs.

  • Fund the re-structuring or re-financing of a business enterprise where appropriate and where the underlying business operations are sound and the enterprise is a potentially viable and sustainable entity.

  • Foreclose on irredeemable business entity as a last resort in order to protect the assets of CEDA.

  • CEDA will not provide financing for speculative investment where the investor is not directly involved in the management and operations of an enterprise.

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