Crop Production


This refers to the production of vegetables, fruits, flowers etc.


  • Title deed or lease agreement (with terms and conditions).

  • There must be developments on leased farms as determined by CEDA.

  • A minimum of 0.5 hectares must be a net shade.

  • A minimum size of (two)2 hectares shall be considered as the most preferred scale where there is shortage of water.

  • An optimal size of (5) five to (10) ten hectares for places such as Limpopo and Chobe should be considered.

  • A water yield of 4m3 per hour under net shade, 4.5m3/hour for hydroponic, open area 5 m3/hour for an open area.

  • For weather conditions at least a minimum of one hectare should be covered at least with shade nets or tunnels where possible especially on sensitive crops such as lettuce and tomatoes.

  • Hybrid varieties of crops are recommended because of their resistance to drought, pests and bad weather and they mature at a fast rate with a long shelf life.

Rain Fed Agriculture (Seasonal)

These are field crops that rely on rainfall. Examples are grains and fodder.


  • A minimum of 150 hectares for rain fed projects at a fertiliser application of 2 bags of 50kg per hectare shall be a starting point.

Product Sectors: