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Chema Chema

The Government of Botswana recognizes the importance of the informal sector in the economy and its potential for reducing unemployment and eradicating absolute poverty among citizens. This is in line with the aspirations of Vision 2036 that “Botswana will be a high-income country and its people prosperous, living in the full enjoyment of their potential.” This was further highlighted in the February 2024 Budget Speech by the Minister of Finance wherein she pronounced the establishment of the Chema Chema Fund and provided P500 million as initial seed capital.. The objective of the Chema Chema Fund is to facilitate new and existing informal businesses through inclusive financing and development by providing affordable short-term loans to citizen informal businesses. Informal entrepreneurs will have access to;

  • Credit through the provision of affordable short-term loans to finance their existing operations and or expand their current operations, including procurement of necessary business-aiding equipment.
  • Credit through provision of affordable short-term cashflow loans and startup capital for new entrants in the sector.
  • Training on viable business management strategies for those whose loans have been approved. The Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) will design and coordinate capacity building packages specifically suitable for the informal sector needs. LEA will also undertake coaching and mentoring.
  • Decent operational infrastructure may be provided to grouped informal businesses in targeted operating places countrywide. These may include but not limited to small scale car wash facilities, sheltered vegetable stalls, sheltered second-hand clothing stalls; self-contained kiosks, welding, carpentry, catering, plumbing, hairdressing, manicure and pedicure etc, etc. Every project will be assessed and evaluated on its own merits.

The Government acknowledges that prior programmes aimed at assisting these key agents of the economy were in vain and therefore seeks to correct by targeting these audiences with tighter control, mentorship and monitoring:

  • Informal sector entrepreneurs. Individuals running business that are not formally registered but play a significant role in the economy.
  • Small business owners. Entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses who require capital to start, sustain, or expand their operations.
  • Women Entrepreneurs. Women who own or wish to start a business but face additional barriers in accessing finance due to societal, cultural or economic factors.
  • Youth Entrepreneurs. Young individuals looking to enter the business world, who often face high unemployment rates but see entrepreneurship as a viable path to economic independence.
  • Groups of enterprising and like-minded individuals who aim to harness and leverage on the power of collective trading.


Please find below all the essential links for application forms and registration portals

Chema Chema Requiment Check List

Individual Application Form

Company Application Form

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Chema Chema Customer KYC

Chema Chema Affidavit

Sesupo sa Kgosi

Maikano A Mogopolo wa Kwebo (Business Idea Form Setswana)

Business Idea Form (english)

Maikano a Kwebo Potlana e e sa Kwadisiwang

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